1966 Name that ponycar
MTís cover car for this issue included artist drawings of what was billed as
Chevyís Answer to Mustang. The Chevy Panther? Little was known of the upcoming sports car
at the time of writing, other than that it would be a two-door, four-passenger car with a long hood,
short rear deck, and an engine lineup that would start with the Chevy Six and may work up to the
396-cubic-inch V-8.
By the time of its release a few months later, the Panther had a change of identity to Camaro.

source: Motor Trend Magazine

Cougar vs. Jaguar
A Cat fight.

Mercury introduces the 1967 Cougar as Untamed Elegance

1967 offered many options on the Cougar.
Mercury promotes the European look.
Long hoodline, short rear deck.

The top of the line Cougar in luxury options
Chauncey the Cougar becomes the Cat's trademark and image.

Car Life Magazine Cover

October 1966 Motor Trend Magazine Cover

Motor Trend Magazine Window Decal

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