Freedom Bound

Based on the life of
Anna Kingsley,

African Princess
Slave owner

Rosalie Turner's
award-winning historical

fiction, Freedom Bound.


Book Reviews

"Freedom Bound is an emotionally challenging, even heart wrenching, factual depiction of slavery. Yet it is an inspiring, mind-expanding novel, chronicling the life of a woman of courage, determination, resilience, and a will to survive. Rosalie Turner presents a contextual history of life in Africa as natives were taken away from their homes and became captives, the Middle Passage and the fragility of their lives as slaves in America's 1800s. Written with clarity and substance, Freedom Bound gives rise to the power of the human spirit to overcome great adversity, reminds us of the price of freedom and informs us of how precious freedom is to all people of conscience. An extraordinary novel, Freedom Bound should be in home and educational libraries."

Beverly Wade Hogan
Tougaloo College

"I loved this book. Freedom bound enslaves the heart from the very first page. The life of Anna Kingsley, a woman of courage, grit, and determination, is a beacon to others to rise above circumstances. Bravo to Rosalie T. Turner, a powerful storyteller."

Debbie Macomber
Best-selling women's fiction author

"This well-researched and enchantingly written historical novel provides a unique insight into the complex paradoxes which accompanied slavery in America in the early nineteenth century. Rosalie Turner has created out of the fascinating life experiences of real people a sensitive and inspiring story of love, courage, and resilience that sustained them through their many trials. She has opened a rare window on a largely unremembered and unrecorded chapter in the American experience. This book pulls back a curtain covering a dark and forbidding time and leaves us both informed and inspired."

William Winter
Former MS Governor, William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation

"Personal freedom is deeply ingrained in humanity, regardless of the times and circumstances, as reflected by Rosalie Turner in the struggle of Anna, a young female slave to secure her freedom. She brings to us a glimpse of daily life on a plantation, including the many hardships, hopes for the future and the courage to face each day's challenges. By seeing this era of American history through the eyes of a slave, it makes the period come alive in ways history books can only record. This book is a 'great read' for people interested in this period of American History, but enlightening for anyone who reads it."

G. Curtis Jones, Jr.
President Emeritus, Phillips University
Board Member of Tougaloo College

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