Freedom Bound

Based on the life of
Anna Kingsley,

African Princess
Slave owner

Rosalie Turner's
award-winning historical

fiction, Freedom Bound.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Anna Kingsley Alive Again After 136 Years

(Jacksonville, FL, November 15, 2006) The story of Anna Kingsley is told by author Rosalie Turner in the historical fiction, FREEDOM BOUND (Season of Harvest Publications; November 15, 2006), bringing her to life as she was when she walked around Kingsley Plantation on Ft. George Island, just off Jacksonville, Florida, now a national park.

The novel begins in Senegal in 1806 when thirteen-year-old Anta Majigene Jai, a descendant of royalty, is captured during a tribal raid and sold as a slave. She is already pregnant with their first child when wealthy planter/trader Zephaniah Kingsley brings her to his Laurel Grove Plantation. She eventually has four children by him, gains her freedom, and becomes a woman of property and influence with slaves of her own. Her life is an example of courageous strength as five times she loses everything and must start again.

Dr. Beverly Hogan, President of Tougaloo College said, "...It is an inspiring, mind-expanding novel, chronicling the life of a woman of courage, determination, resilience, and a will to survive...An extraordinary novel, FREEDOM BOUND should be in home and educational libraries."

Former Mississippi governor, William Winter, of the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation said, "This well-researched and enchantingly written historical novel provides a unique insight into the complex paradoxes which accompanied slavery in America in the early nineteenth century."

Debbie Macomber, award-winning women's fiction writer said, "I loved this book. FREEDOM BOUND enslaves the heart from the very first page."

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Historical Fiction - 333 pages
ISBN #978-0-9679483-3-1
Season of Harvest Publications
Pub. Date: October 1, 2006

Copyright ©2006. Rosalie Turner. All Rights Reserved.