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Over 70 million adults in America are single and the U.S. Census Bureau reported that Americans are choosing to
marry less frequently, or to marry later, than in past generations. Dating websites are commonly used today by busy
and active professional singles searching for other singles...
In the month of November 2003, 21 million people
visited dating sites
according to
Nielsen/NetRatings; it is predicted that in 2006, over 27 million singles will view an
online dating site.

Despite the mass migration to online romance, traditional dating courtesy and manners still hold true today. Below are
a few decades old but proven effective tips for single guys and gals.

Dating Tips from VirtUmatch
by Julia Vayzburd

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1) Dinner is the best first date. Pick a setting where you can talk and really get to know each other.

2) Don't forget to open all doors for her. Most women still like being treated like a lady, with respect.

3) Pay the bill. If she offers, refuse to accept on the first several dates. If you like her, you'll want her to see you are making an effort.

4) Order a bottle of wine. Women are always impressed if you know how to order wine.

5) Ask her questions to show interest. Don't just talk about yourself.

6) Keep the first date light. Don't ask too many personal questions
(i.e. past relationships).

7) Walk her to her car at the end of the date.

8) Call to make sure she got home okay if you've had a late night out.

9) Avoid cheesy lines - Don't say things like, "Wow, you are hot!"

10) Be prompt!

11) No curse words - Doesn't make a good first impression.

12) Don't overload on cologne or aftershave.


1) Dress to impress. Wear something that will grab his attention.

2) Be polite and offer to pay for drinks, parking, etc. If he is a true gentleman, he won't accept your offer.

3) Always meet your potential match in a well-lit, well populated location, especially if meeting for the first time. Safety first.

4) Make him feel special and interested in what he has to say.

5) Smile often and make eye contact.

6) Compliment him on his car...whether a Porsche or a Chevy Nova.


VirtUmatch recommends while using any online dating website;

SIGN UP ON FREE ONLINE DATING SITES, there are many singles websites that offer free membership or a temporary "trial"
membership. Bookmark the sites you like in your Web browser so you can easily come back to them, visit our Dating Directory page.

MAKE YOUR PROFILE STANDOUT with a photo, photo personals receive more responses. Use a digital camera or scanner to
upload a head shot for best image quality. Avoid using pictures with more than one person (you) in them.
Click here for the VirtUmatch members' Dating Tips and User Guides

LOOK FOR LOCAL SINGLES in your area by registering on dating websites that provide personal profile lookups by city or state, such as at Match City. You may be surprised your neighbor just down the street is looking for a "perfect match" as well.

REGISTER ON QUALITY PROFESSIONAL DATING SITES by looking at existing profiles first. Tour the website before registering to ensure your profile fits in the dating environment the website is promoting.

PROVIDE personally identifiable information in your match profile - such as real name, address, private email, etc.
If you
suspect malicious or fraudulent activity, report such actions to the site's webmaster, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and law or government agencies. A good resource site is where you can locate people, do background checks and criminal records searches.

ALWAYS EXERCISE CAUTION when meeting a potential match in person for the first time. Arrange to meet at a public restaurant,
movie theater, shopping mall or museum and tell friends and/or family where you will be and when you should be back from the date.

Online Dating in the News - Website Reviews and Online Dating Advice

READ REVIEWS of dating websites and online dating, such as these:

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USA Today - Online dating: No longer in the 'geeky' domain, by Janet Kornblum

The Oprah Winfrey Show - New dating websites and services can help you make your match!

Discovery Health - Have the Rules Changed?, by Carolyn Campbell

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My Consumer Advantage - provides opinions on major online retailers based on a detailed set of rules we
call the Consumer Advantage Point System or CAPS. Using the CAPS system, has established a means
by which to rank websites on various criteria such as pricing, support, usability, and selection

TechTV - Online dating tips from -, by Heather Havrilesky

Have you seen these recent "Birds and the Bees" facts...

Jupiter Media Metrix, reported that nearly 6 million people are using the Internet to find that "someone
. Men dominate personal sites (58.23 percent), while women are attracted to romance-related websites,
such as those that sell flowers and gifts or provide greetings.

Despite the downfall of many dotcoms, love seems to have conquered all online. According to American Demographics, 22 percent of
America's 98 million singles have tried online dating
and online personals have become the single-highest category of paid content
for American consumers. U.S. consumers spent $214.3 million on Personals/Dating content in the first half of 2003 alone.

According to AARP, singles in their 40s, 50s and 60s typically tend to look for love in the same places they probably did when they
were twenty: through friends, family and the office. However, a recent survey showed 6 percent of singles aged 40 to 69 are using
matchmaking Web sites

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